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What our customers say


Friendly pharmacist, extremely helpful. Was looking for a travel clinic at a decent price and found them to be the cheapest even in comparison to big pharmacies like Boots or Day Lewis. Highly recommend.


A fantastic online chemist which takes away the pain of having to visit the local pharmacy all the time. My mum is on ALOT of meds and needs regular top ups which means her having to submit her prescriptions and then picking them up a couple of days later. My Chemist Online makes this process seamless as we can now submit the prescriptions online and everything is done by them and hand delivered at home.

Its hassle free and they manage my mums prescriptions from start till end, good communications letting us know when the medicine is expected to be delivered (and its free!)



An absolute godsend. Used to have a lot of hassle chasing up the surgery and then the local pharmacy to get my scripts but they do all that for me and if any issues arise keep me well informed. Thank you very much!


Very easy and simple. No more tracking doctors or pharmacy and best no more waiting around straight delivery.


Very good overall service; very professional and love the free delivery service. Also very good with pharmaceutical advice, would recommend definitely!


Simple and efficient. Brilliant service. Makes ordering my prescription so much easier.


Great customer service and knowledgeable pharmacist. Delivered my medications quickly and for free as well!


Had my vaccination done today. Excellent customer service. Very professional. Even got a lollipop after my injection


Excellent service. Promt delivery. Always available when needed.